Assignment Clinical Pharmacology

Each student should know his group and topic according to this link Assignment Clinical pharmacology Sp 2018, and the points that must be included in the assignment are enumerated in link number Assignment Spring 2018.

The assignment sould be in 2 forms (word + Powerpoint)

The word should be printed as a hard copy while the powerpoint should be as a soft copy on a CD

The deadline for handeling the hardcopy of the assignment will be on 21/4/2018 and no excuses will be accepted while the softcopy of the powerpoint will be handeled on your day of presentation and discussion which will be announced later.


Clinical Pharmacology


اعلان هام لطلبه الفرقه الخامسه

 لماده ال Clinical Pharmacology 

على طلبه جروب1B ,3A  يوم الاثنين الموافق 2018-2-26 الحضور في اي ميعاد اخر بدلا من الميعاد الاساسي او الحضور (يوم الاربعاء الموافق2018-2-28) الساعه (1-11) فى حاله وجود تعارض مع المواعيد الاخرى وذلك بسبب انعقاد ندوه نقيب الصيادله فى نفس ميعاد المعمل