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Announcement For Pharmaceutical Chemistry-II Students

The Sheet part of the Practical Exam for all of the students will be this week (5-10/May), While the practical experiment part will be the next week (12-17/May).
Each student should attend in his group (entering the exam will be according to the attendance list) as other chances will not be permitted.
Students who have excuses for some actual reasons will be permitted but still won’t get the full mark of the exam.
الإمتحان الشيت لجميع طلاب الكيمياء الصيدلية 2 سيكون هذا الإسبوع وعلى كل طالب الحضور في موعد المعمل الخاص به
والإسبوع التالي سيكون الجزء العملي من الإمتحان (التجربة)
في حالة وجود عذر مناسب وتمت الموافقة على دخولك في موعد آخر
لن يتم حرمانك من الإمتحان لكن سيتم إنقاصك ولن تحصل على درجتك كاملة
لذلك ينصح بالحضور في موعدك في الإسبوعين

General Micro Weekly plan Spring 2018

Lab No. Date Title
1st 18/2


-Introduction to Microbiology

-Laboratory Safety Rules

-Wide spread distribution of MO in the environment

2nd 25/2


-Streaking method of obtaining pure cultures (Mixture)
3rd 4/3



(Using ready prepared slides of  S.aureus stained with crystal violet) +

-Practicing Streaking method of obtaining pure cultures (Mixture of 2 S.aureus : 1 E.coli)

4th 11/3


Bacterial Staining Techniques

-Fixed smear preparation

1. Simple Staining Technique

(Using crystal violet as stain,

S. aureus, E. coli)

2.  Negative Staining Technique

(Using Nigrosin, B. subtilis, C. albicans)

5th 18/3


3. Gram Staining Technique

(Using Crystal violet as primary stain,

Iodine as mordant,

Alcohol 95% as decolorizing agent,

 Safranin as counter stain, Staphylococcus aureus, Escherichia coli+ QUIZ1

6th 15/4


3. Gram Staining Technique

(Using Crystal violet as primary stain,

Iodine as mordant,

Alcohol 95% as decolorizing agent,

 Safranin as counter stain,

S. lutea, B. subtilis and C. albicans,  + 1 Gram mixtures)

4. Structural Stain  

Capsule Stain

7th 24/4


4. Structural Stain  

Spore stain  + 2 Gram mixtures

8th 6/5


-Revision Gram staining technique

Exam instructions + QUIZ 2

9th 13/5


Final practical Exam


Announcements for Christian Students

For Christian students that cannot come in tuseday labs. They have to attend in the Time and the Place according to the follwing table:

Lab time Lab number Students name Students I.D.
Thursday 9:11 AM 2 Mariam Sabry Sadky 116106
Merna Mohsen Nabil 11610004
Marina Elkes Tadrous 11610009
Antanous Morkes Gerges 11610010
8 Mariana Gerges 11610013
Merna Mekail 11610020
Olivia Ashraf 11610028
Kerillos Tharwat 11610029
Thusday 11:1 PM 2 Mariam Emad Wadea 11610060
Pola Rafat Younnan 11610077
makarious onsy Sadak 11610334
Vieola youssef Abdel Massieh 11610341
8 Hedra Attia 11610460
Helbis Elkomos Bishoy 11610473
Jaklin Joussef 11610481
christina Mahrous Rasmy 11610485
Thursday 1:3 PM 2 Makarious Joseph 11610530
Lidya Joseph 11610534
Mario Nasry 11610561
8 Malak Bahgat 11610598
Berbara George Farag 11610618
Mina Ibrahim 11610743