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Biochemistry-1 Assignment Discussion

Biochemistry-1 Assignment Discussion

Kindly be informed that the leader of each assignment group should contact with TA. Mohamed Nabil before the Discussion time (Half an hour before the discussion starts).

  • For Groups (3A, 3B, 2A) Wed, 20 Dec. [11 am – 1 pm].  Attend at 10:30 am
  • For Groups (1A, 1B) Sun, 24 Dec. [11 am – 1 pm]. Attend at 10:30 am
  • For Group (2A) Mon, 25 Dec. [9 am – 11 pm]. Attend at 9 am


  • Check your name in the Evaluation list [attached pdf file].
  • You must have the poster evaluation sheet (from Mohamed Nabil) before the discussion time.
  • Please, bring Adhesive tape with you. The posters will be fixed on the walls outside the labs (3, 13).


Assignment groups (1A, 1B) (1)

Assignment groups (3A, 3B) (1)

Assignment groups (2A, 2B) (1)

Bio-1 Quiz-1

the quiz -1will be held in the labs in the 6th week  ( from 29/10)–

-week 5 the student will give us the assignment in his section (from 22/10)


– the first practical exam will be held on the 7th week ( (from 4 /11)


-the 10th week there are no labs but the students will give us a colored word for  the poster so we can revise it before they print the poster .. every group must post this word on scoology

Gp 2 will give the printed copy to dr.sally … 

Gp 3 will give it to dr.mohamed nabil …

                                                                                                                              …. Monday 2-3                    Gp 1a with dr.afnan

Gp 1b with dr.aya ….. 

– week 11 the students will give us the posters as :

 wenesday 9-11 for gp 2

Wednesday 11-1 for gp3

Monday 2-3 for gp1

Biochemistry-1 Assignement

The following criteria  that should be met in the assignment: 
The assignment should be delivered to the TA as a word printed paper of maximum 2 pages and enclosed in a file 
The font should be Times new roman
Main title font size 16pt
Subtitle font size 15pt
Text font size 13pt
Page margin 2” on both sides
Justification (Low)
Picture and figures should be with high resolution
The assignment 5 marks are distributed as follows:
3 marks on the assignment ( each student), 2 marks on the content and 1 mark for the formatting.
2 marks on the poster (the whole group)
The deadline of the Assignment word is 22- 26 /10 each student in his own lab.
Download this list