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Biochemistry-2 (Final Practical Exam)

Please, be informed that there will be a final practical exam next week during the lab time.

**The following topics will be covered in the 2nd practical sheet:

  • Lab 6: Uric acid and Hemoglobin.

  • Lab 8: Creatinine & Creatinine Clearance.

  • Lab 9: Urea & A/G ratio.

All the experiments will be included in the practical exam.

**The practical sheet exam will be divided into diverse forms of questions such as:

  1. MCQ (1.5 marks)

  2. Scientific term (1 mark; two points)

  3. Calculations (1 mark)

  4. T or F (1.5mark)

**Please don’t forget your ID and calculators as mobile phones are prohibited.

**Each student must attend on his scheduled group; otherwise 2 marks will be subtracted from his exam.

Biochemistry-2 (Quiz-1)

على الطلبة المذكورة اسماؤهم التوجه لمكتب القسم (جميعاً) يوم
الأحد الموافق 9/4/2017 الساعة 10ص للضرورة القصوى

Marwa Gamal Ramadan Ahmed
Yassmin Ashrsf Ghali Salib
Samaa Ashraf Aly Taha
Mai Saeed Mohamed Ramadan

Biochemistry-2 Assignment Rules

Biochemistry-2 assignment

  • تقسيم الطلبة في صورة مجموعات داخل المعمل كل مجموعة مكونة من 10 طلاب تحت إشراف عضو من الهيئة المعاونة  .
  • توزيع المهام على كل مجموعة على النحو التالي:

1 Leader
1 Review writer
1 PowerPoint designer
4 Presentation
3 persons to answer the Q.s  

معايير كتابة الملخص البحثي  Word file

  • Font —- Times New Roman
  • Font size
    • Main title 18-pt.
    • Subtitle 16-pt.
    • Sub subtitle 15-pt.
    • Text 14-pt.
    • Page margins 3” on right and left sides.
    • Justify (low justify)
    • Paragraph spacing 1.5”
    • Pictures or figures with high resolution.

معايير تصميم البوربوينت Powerpoint file

  • Font size
    • Main title 34-ppt.
    • Text 28-ppt.
    • Slides no. 20
    • Presentation time 20 min.
    • The theme color should be compatible with the text color.
    • The text size should fit with the slide size.
    • Figures (Pictures, Animation of max. 2min.)


Dr Mohamed Kotb

Biochemistry-2 Assignment


Regarding the Biochemistry-2 Assignment:

  1. The deadline for submitting the first draft of word file : 19/3/2017
  2. The deadline for submitting the final draft of word file : 23/3/2017
  3. The deadline for submitting the powerpoint file : 13/4/2017

Note that:

  • Submission of all files will be to the email of your assignment Supervisor.
  • Two grades will be lost from any team failing to meet the previous deadlines.


Dr Mohamed Kotb