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Pharmacology- 1 Assignment

Assignment of pharmacology 1

Each group will prepare a research for generic names of drugs assigned to them; the following information should be gathered:

  • Introduction
  • Mechanism of action.
  • Uses
  • Side effects.
  • Drug interactions.
  • Contraindications
  • Drug concentrations in the pharmaceutical preparations.
  • Trade names.
  • Advanced uses of the drug.
Evaluation will be with your TA according to the schedule (from 29/4/2018 till 2/5/2018). So, the group has to contact the TAs to know their evaluation date as early as possible.

Assignment Groups:  assignment spring 2018

Pharmacology-1 Lecture

Regarding pharmacology-1 lecture:

Sunday (8/4/2018) will be a vacation so the lecture of group 1 will be postponed as follow:

Group (1b) must attend the lecture with group 3 on wednesday (11/4/2018) & group (1a) lecture will be held on Tuesday (10/4/2018) at 1:00 pm in lab 11 .

Please  attend in your group