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Pharmacology 2 important announcement (assignment and self learning)

Assignment of pharmacology 2

Each student will prepare a portfolio starting from the first lecture. For generic names of drugs belonging to different classes, the following information will be gathered:

  • Trade names
  • Drug concentration in the pharmaceutical preparations
  • Uses
  • Side effects
  • Difference between different drugs belonging to a certain class.

Evaluation will be during the lectures or lab at any time. So, you have to be ready with his portfolio during pharmacology lectures or labs.


Topic of self learning

Each student will apply self learning (a method of learning strategy) on Alzheimer’s disease topic.  Evaluation of this topic will be included in the midterm exam. The items that can be involved in evaluation include pathophysiology, signs and symptoms, diagnosis and management of the disease.

You may take as reference the following textbook “Pharmacology, Lippincott’s illustrated reviews, 6th edition (2015)” which is present as hardcopy in the faculty library. Downloading videos concerning the disorder is advisable as it will help you.