important announcement for general microbiology students

the following students should proceed to Dr Walaa office as soon as possible for importance :-
1111054 Josph Fayez Farag
1111370 Omar Khaled Shawky
1121106 Mahmoud Hassan Mohamed Mahmoud
1121119 Ahmed Nassr Abd El-Geleel Hegazy
1121481 mohamed emad el din mohamed attay
1141676 Mohammed Mohammed Abu-Bakr Faid
1141941 Ahmed Kamel Hassan Hefny
1151133 Sndra Nessim Fahmy
1151593 Reem Adel Mostafa Mohamed
11511033 Ahmed Mohamed Tlaat
11511100 Ahmed Saad Shokry Khalifa Mohamed
11511102 Ayten Raouf Nabieh Khalil
11511115 Dina Ahmed Fath ELbab Ahmed Mohamed
11511124 Hadeer Anwar Mahmoud
11511125 Christina Younan Tadrous
11511130 Shymaa Samir Mohamed Esmail

11620004 Mirhan Magdy Abdel Monim Shedid

Pharmaceutical Chemistry-II Honor List

Pharmaceutical Chemistry-II
Honor List

Thank you for being smart 🙂

Asmaa Hasanien 1131654
Karim Wageh 1131162
Mohamed Waheed 1131576
Eman Youssef 1131557
Sara Gamal 1131710
Olivia Aassim 1131124
Sanosy Mohamed 1131142
Amir Magdi 1101026
Sherry Emad 1131246
Abdallah Abd El-hady 1131667
Youssef Mohamed 1131158
Omnia Karam 1131481
George Refaat 1131494

Best Wishes

Pharmaceutical Chemistry Department