Public Health Course Assignment instructions Fall 2017 updated

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Dear Students,
Kindly get informed with public health course assignment instructions as follows;
1. A topic has been assigned to each group of students distributed by the department according to the list of registered names in the course. Each group consists of 10 students. Please check your group and your assigned topic in the attached word file.

2. Assignment should be not less than 10 pages in the assigned topic. It should fulfill our knowledge from the view of the public Health. Imagine as if you are a practitioner in a public health team in a local government organization, how you will be useful in improving health and wellbeing, supporting public health outcomes.

3. References should be written in the last page of the assignment as follows, author names. Title of the article, paper, review…The year of publishing and where (journal or book address).

4. Due date for delivery of the assignment will be on Thursday 2nd of November, 2017. Each group should deliver their assignment to the assigned Teaching or Lecturer assistant for their discussion. Please check his/her name from the attached word file.

5. Discussion of the assignment will be held on Thursday 9th of November, 2017. Each student will be discussed on his lecture time by the assigned Teaching or Lecturer assistant. Please check his/her name from the attached word file.

Best Wishes,
Dr. Walaa Hassan
Head of Department: Prof. M. Ashraf Badr

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